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Why does the world need a Big Butts Dating Site?

Let's face it friends! Our generation is open-minded and we as a society have come a very long way. We are now at place where it is finally socially acceptable and encouraged to seek out a partner that will make you satisfied not just mentally, but also sexually!
When it comes to finding a partner, physical attraction is a major part of establishing a great relationship. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being very honest about what turns you on about the opposite sex. Sure, there is much more to a person than their physical characteristics and we would never belittle that.
However, when it comes to singles on our bbw dating site they all agree; there is nothing as sexy as a nice round bum!
BigButtsDate provides a dating site that connects men who love women with big butts and women who are blessed with a round booty a place to meet men who love their appearance!

So why do men like Big Butts?

Okay, so we can't answer that question and we don't claim to provide any secret ingredients for everlasting love, but we can assure you of one thing; our promise to you is that we take connecting singles and providing great overall user experiences very seriously. There is no other dating site to meet women with big butts online that is so widely recognized and used on a daily basis as BigButtsDate.
We take great pride in our REAL and GROWING database of LOCAL singles! It's all about our members and that is something that never changes. BigButtsDate is about REAL and LOCAL connections and every day new ones are being made by singles just like you!

About the Original Big Butts Dating Site

We are often imitated but never replicated. Big Butts Date is The Original Big Butt Dating Site; the place where curvy ladies with big butts meet great guys for casual dating and fulfilling relationships.
Don't get it twisted friends, we are not a sex site! BigButtsDate is about legitimate dating experiences and meeting REAL and LOCAL connections. Many of our members have met for coffee and ended up happily married with families. Others have joined and met new friends and made high quality lasting friendships.
There is no other bbw dating site online like BigButtsDate. Find your perfect physical match! Go ahead...register free now and browse local members. Don't wait another day to find what makes you happy, come inside and see what you have been missing out on.
I am also including a word document which you may want to save with all the meta info and the text.

Big Butts Date